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Wed, 08/03/2023 - 08:33

Canary Islands head to ITB to attract German tourists who are more likely to travel and keen to spend during their holidays

Canary Islands stand at ITB 2023

We headed to Berlin to attend leading international tourism trade fair ITB at its first in-person event since the pandemic, along with more than 100 businesses from the Canary Islands. The 775 m2 stand with its eye-catching design and strong visual impact was once again characterised by sustainability.

The aim at ITB is to attract German tourists who were left behind after the general recovery in 2022. The German market failed to return to the levels of 2019, despite a recovery of 85.8% and arrivals from Germany totalling 2,274,763 according to data from Frontur. With an official growth forecast for the German economy in 2023 revised up from -0.4% to +0.2%, Germany is not threatened with recession this year.  

Despite the good forecast for demand, air capacity remains limited and is yet to return to pre-pandemic levels, not only for economic reasons, but also due to ongoing issues in recruiting qualified staff for Germany’s airports and airlines.

Scheduled air capacity from Germany to the Canary Islands on sale for summer 2023 is still 4.9% lower than in the same period for 2019, but is up 1.1% on the 2022 summer season.

Scheduled air capacity for flights from Germany now on sale for summer 2023 is still 4.9% down on the same period for 2019, but is up 1.1% compared to the 2022 summer season. By island, Fuerteventura (5.4%) and Gran Canaria (1.4%) show a recovery, but values remain negative for the other islands, especially La Palma (-79.5%), whose progress is very negative in the German market, its main source of tourism. Condor is the only airline flying to the island this summer and will operate barely 20% of the scheduled flights it had in 2019.

Sustainable stand

The Canary Islands are attending the leading international tourism trade fair with a delegation of more than 100 businesses. Open to trade professionals only, this year’s event is on for three days instead of the usual five (7 to 9 March).

Our stand made previous appearances at World Travel Market and Fitur and is making its German début at ITB. The 775 m2 space has an eye-catching design and 16 large floating cubes with a strong visual appeal to showcase tourism in the region and screen audiovisual images of the eight islands. The stand is once again characterised by construction that’s committed to carbon footprint reduction, climate neutrality and destination sustainability, in line with our transformation strategy towards a greener, more ecological tourism model.

The 775 m2 stand, with construction once again characterised by sustainability criteria, stands out for its eye-catching design and visual appeal showcasing tourism in the Canary Islands.

The electronic and lighting equipment and devices are installed using LED technology to achieve greater brightness with lower electricity consumption. Total consumption of electricity is 30% lower than our installation at ITB 2019.

By using collapsible components we’ve cut down the volume of material to transport, reducing the stand’s carbon footprint. From the start, we devised a plan to reuse nearly all the components and recycle disposable materials, with a focus on redesigning spaces to minimise their transport impact.

By using LED technology for equipment, electronic devices and lighting, we’ve reduced total electricity consumption by 30% compared to our installation at ITB 2019.

This new policy of streamlining and efficiency has allowed a 20% reduction in transport volume. For future events we expect to reuse nearly 75% of materials without affecting the final quality of the space.

Attendees can use the digital app that replaces paper information for a more personal and individualised experience of the destination.

Visual impact and Canary Islands products

In addition to the 16 floating cubes, the stand features four displays with Canarian-inspired gardens and indigenous flora, plus a high-resolution LED entrance to the main area and 18 giant screens, creating a striking visual impact to capture visitors’ attention.

The stand will also include the highly successful juice bar to highlight the islands as a quality food and dining destination, and an area for tasting local products and wines.

*This action is 85% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).