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Mon, 13/03/2023 - 13:56

Best Exhibitor Award for Europe goes to Canary Islands stand for its innovative design and sustainability at ITB Berlin

Best European Exhibitor award is made to the Canary Islands at ITB Berlin

CBS International Business School’s Best Exhibitor Award, one of the most coveted prizes awarded at the world’s leading tourism trade fair, recognises the innovative design, considerable effort to reduce carbon emissions, food and dining displays, and great business environment of the stand we took to Berlin to showcase tourism in the Canary Islands.  

Our efforts not only focused on creating a top-quality stand and the best possible visual impact, but also aimed to reduce the carbon footprint of our attendance at other trade fairs, in line with our strategy to reach climate neutrality in the destination of the Canary Islands. By using LED technology to install equipment, electronic devices and lighting, we cut total electricity consumption by 30% at Berlin’s tourism trade fair.

As well as cutting electricity consumption by 30%, the Canary Islands stand at ITB used new components to reduce the volume of material to be transported.

We also used new components to cut the volume of material to be transported and reduce the stand’s carbon footprint. By using parts that can be easily folded down, we significantly reduced space and weight, cutting the transport volume by 20%. To avoid using paper, we provided a digital app with content about tourism in the Islands.

The strong visual impact of the stand caught the attention of visitors and impressed the evaluators from CBS International Business School: an eye-catching 750 m2 design with 16 large floating cubes to showcase giant images of the eight islands, plus four hanging displays with Canarian-inspired gardens, a high-resolution LED entrance and 18 giant screens.   

The business environment achieved in the Canary Islands stand at ITB was another deciding factor in the award for Best Exhibitor Award for Europe.

For the stand’s great business environment, the design focused on optimising routes through the display, avoiding any obstacles that could affect the transparency of the space and separating the private and public areas. In addition to counters for attending visitors, businesses had 24 booths for individual meetings.

Canary Islands food and dining were highlighted at the highly successful juice bar and the area for tasting Canary Islands products and wines, with the participation of Hoteles Escuela de Canarias (Hecansa) and GMR Canarias.

Evaluation criteria

CBS International Business School follows a meticulous procedure to make its awards. The thousands of exhibitors who go to ITB Berlin each year are evaluated in 11 categories based on a detailed catalogue of criteria that have been constantly refined in the last 20 years to minimise evaluators’ subjective influence. The decisive criterion for evaluating stands focuses on quality features such as stand design, service competence, information transfer and authenticity. To ensure utmost transparency and objectivity, CBS International Business School conducts two evaluation rounds.  

*This action is 85% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).