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Wed, 14/02/2024 - 13:00

“Secrets await inland” campaign targets tourists who respect the environment and local culture

Aimed at visitors who enjoy nature and rural tourism, the action was designed to redistribute the economic impact of tourism across the region. This strategic category for Turismo de Canarias accounted for almost one in every four visitors to the Islands in 2022.

“Secrets await inland” was the slogan chosen for the campaign aimed at environmentally aware tourists who are keen to make discoveries: tourists who understand the high ecological value of the places they visit and are interested in the inland areas of the Islands and their unique landscapes, traditions and lifestyles.

In contrast to those who prefer to switch off and relax on holiday, these visitors seek out more authentic aspects of their destination that illustrate its differentiating, specific features. They respect the natural environment and are keen to learn about traditions and culture, helping to boost the economy of rural inland areas and bringing benefits to the local population.

Nature tourism needs specific messages, in line with visitors’ interests, to heighten the appeal of the destination.

This profile of tourists therefore requires specific messages, in line with their interests, that heighten the appeal of the destination. Using a considerable range of creatives and pieces, the campaign provides information about aspects of the natural world in the Canary Islands, including the varied landscapes, traditional food, hiking trails, encounters with history, crafts, inland locations, local fiestas, traditional ways of life, elements of identity such as Canarian whistled language and the shepherd’s leap… all intended to reveal the most authentic side of the Canary Islands.

The strategy for promoting nature tourism reduces concentration risk in segments associated exclusively with the sun and beach category and boosts the impact of tourism in the overall value chain of the Canary Islands economy, renewing the image of the Islands as a mature destination and promoting the destination’s identity as a differentiation tool.

Investment effort

With a budget of 1.5 million euros financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the “Secrets await inland” media plan reached 25.8 million users on social media and 52.4 million on other digital media, achieving 312 million impacts.

The “Secrets await inland” media plan reached 25.8 million users on social media and 52.4 million on other digital media.

The investment effort is considerable, as this segment accounted for 23% of all tourists who visited the Canary Islands in 2022, when almost 2.4 million visitors did hiking in the region.

The concept of the campaign was adapted to the channels where it was run. The creatives directed users to the nature section of and generated traffic to website content using native formats on specialised media. Geolocation enhanced target audience profiling and achieved a greater impact.

A video made for YouTube was watched to the end by more than 60% of viewers, indicating the high interest generated among the target audience and the success of the segmentation.

The “Secrets await inland” YouTube video was watched to the end by more than 60% of viewers.

To boost engagement with the Canary Islands brand, we also created interactive tests that users could do in the campaign website banners. The online ads achieved an engagement rate of around 5% in the UK and French markets.

The fully digital campaign ran from October to December in 14 European markets, coinciding with the start of the booking season for nature tourism, when tourists are looking for ideas and making plans as their local weather turns cold, in contrast with the mild climate of the Canary Islands.

The ads were run in the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Norway, France, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Austria and Spain, translated into each language.