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Mon, 07/11/2022 - 09:08

Canary Islands brand attends World Travel Market with renewed, more sustainable stand

Canary Islands Stand at World Travel Market (WTM)

We’re back at World Travel Market (WTM), the world’s leading tourism fair, with a new-look stand featuring 16 large floating cubes to showcase scenery across the eight islands. This year’s Canary Islands stand has reduced its customer carbon footprint, consuming 15% less electricity and decreasing transport volume by 20%.

The 770 m2 Canary Islands stand has an eye-catching, innovative design and strong visual appeal, with 16 large floating cubes to showcase tourism in the Islands and boost the communication potential and visual impact. The cubes will screen attractive images of the region associated with the five priority segments of sun and beach tourism - family tourism, active tourism, nature tourism, culture and heritage tourism, and LGBTQ tourism - in line with the communication strategy of the Canary Islands tourism brand.

Co-financed with ERDF funds, the stand includes other visual attractions to raise awareness. Visitors’ attention is captured by the striking visual effect of hanging displays featuring Canarian-inspired gardens and indigenous flora, which will be reused at Fitur and ITB, plus a high-resolution LED entrance to the main area and 18 large format screens.

As well as the 16 large floating cubes showing images of the Canary Islands, the WTM Canary Islands stand will feature hanging gardens and a high-resolution LED entrance.

Commitment to sustainability

The stand will once again illustrate our strong commitment to carbon footprint reduction, climate neutrality, destination sustainability and the transformation strategy towards a greener, more ecological tourism model. This year we’ve taken a step further and conceived the stand under the principles of ensuring sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint, which is calculated at 267.4 tonnes of CO2 and comprises electricity consumption, air conditioning, transport, hosting and waste. All of this is in the framework of the integrated compensation mechanism that will be drawn up for the three leading international fairs.

Everything from materials to production has been thought out based on sustainable parameters. Transport has dropped 20% due to new foldable fittings that reduce space and the volume of material for transport.

The carbon footprint of the Canary Islands stand at WTM has been calculated at 267.4 tonnes of CO2, and this amount will be included in the compensation mechanism to be drawn up for the three main annual tourism fairs.

Electronic and lighting equipment and devices have been installed using LED technology, achieving greater brightness with less energy consumption and reducing electricity consumption by 15% in the audiovisual section compared to the 2021 installation.

After receiving a sustainable stand award at Fitur 2021, our aim this year was to reuse nearly all the components, based on a plan to recycle the disposable materials. For Fitur 2023, more than 75% of the materials in this year’s stand can be reused.

The stand will also rely on a digital app rather than paper, giving visitors a more personal and individualised experience of the destination. The app has better functionality and more content than at previous fairs.

The 43rd World Travel Market is on in London from 7 to 9 November, and expects to welcome 5,000 exhibitors, 3,000 journalists and 50,000 visitors. The Canary Islands delegation will include more than 250 professionals from 150 businesses and public institutions, and 26 of these will have their own space inside the stand for meetings with tour operators, travel agents, airlines and representatives from British industry.