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Wed, 18/03/2020 - 19:37

“We would love to say HOLA again soon”, the new campaign by Canary Islands

Image of the new campaign by the Canary Islands

Turismo de Islas Canarias has started up a campaign to send out a message that, despite the effects caused by the state of emergency due to the coronavirus and the new “tourism 0” scenario that has beset the archipelago, the islands wish to say “HOLA” once again when the situation returns to normal, inviting tourists to come and enjoy the bright side of life, while at the same time insisting that people look after themselves at this time of global uncertainty.

The aim of this campaign is to highlight the message being sent all around the world that we should stay indoors to avoid the virus spreading, but in a more pleasant way and in a more hopeful tone, sending out a reminder that the Canaries hope to welcome back thousands of tourists with open arms, while confirming that the destination expects to recover from the pandemic thanks to its loyal tourists who will be returning to the islands once the crisis has settled.

The creative piece launched today on the Canary Islands’ social media profiles consists of a brief video which has been translated into the 11 languages in which the brand is present on social media, namely Spanish, English, German, Italian, French, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Russian and Chinese.

Numerous positive reactions

Just a few hours after publication, the video received numerous messages of support which have been widely shared, including comments such as “do not doubt that I will be back, I have had to cancel a trip to Tenerife but, WE WILL RESIST and will return”; “of course we’ll be back, once the virus crisis is over we will return to your WONDERFUL islands, lots of love to all Canarians”; “I will be back to the Canaries, I love these islands”; “this will pass and we will return to these lovely islands really soon, love to all the islanders”.

Many followers have also revealed their intention to come to the islands in order to celebrate the end of the pandemic, saying things like “take great care, be strong and you’ll see that life will get back to normal in no time”; “The Canary Islands, a wonderful place with lovely people, I will be back to celebrate when all this is over”; “of course we will be back, together will be beat this and will once again enjoy the marvellous images of my beloved islands. Everyone stand strong, lots of kisses”; “as soon as this is over we will head straight back to the islands”. Some have even asking for images of the stunning natural surroundings of the Canaries to continue to be published, saying things like “I think you should continue to post pictures, even if it is not in situ, for those of us who can’t be there”; “we will be back keener than ever, together we will beat this and I hope to see these photos from over 3,000 km away which will take me closer to home, lots of love”.