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Mon, 13/05/2019 - 10:30

Turismo de Canarias shares thousands of photographs and videos of the islands for industry professionals

Image of the home page of the new Canary Island Brand Centre

Promotur Turismo de Canarias is making thousands of photographs, videos and other graphic and text-based resources of the island available to communication and marketing professionals from anywhere around the world, through its website at, a completely revamped online tool, featuring all new functions and improvements.  

Now tour operators, travel agents, tourist establishments, the media and other businesses from the tourism and communications industry, both in the Canaries and elsewhere, have free access to thousands of high quality resources for the promotion of tourism of the islands in press articles, pamphlets, social media and any other means.  

Guaranteeing quality content

The purpose of this tool is to facilitate the work of journalists, advertisers and other professionals, as well as to guarantee the provision of quality materials to promote and provide information for the tourism sector on the islands. To this end, the use of materials is limited to the promotion of the Canaries and all its island destinations and establishments, along with tourist products and services whose base is the archipelago.  

One of the principles on which the marketing strategy for the Canary Islands brand is founded is the distribution of high quality content and, with this web, this dissemination is multiplied out by tourism and communication professionals from all around the world, making these contents quick and easily accessible, and free of charge. So far, over 50,000 different audiovisual, graphic and written resources have already been downloaded from the site.

Fewer errors

Over its five years of existence, this brand centre has demonstrated its efficiency as an instrument for the promotion of the Canary Island brand and all that this represents, and is highly used within the industry. A reduction in the wrongful use of images with errors of localization or denomination has also been detected. With this new version, Promotur has made a great effort to update and further improve the experience of its users, and also facilitate the control of the large quantity of contents it is home to.

14,000 photos and around 800 videos

The current system offers a much more modern and clean interface which adapts to mobile devices, in which the attractive appearance of the images comes to the fore. In practical terms, the search engine is more efficient as it finds content related to concrete themes in an intuitive manner by virtue of its 14,000 photographs, nearly 800 videos in several different languages and over 700 versions of logos, thanks to an automatic labelling system which improves data management, the traceability of its use and the information with respect to the intellectual property of the content.

*This campaign is 85% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).