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Tue, 11/05/2021 - 18:15

Monthly increase of 10% in remote workers coming to Canary Islands

The Canary Islands have become consolidated as a leading destination for European remote workers in just six months. To continue raising awareness and put the region on the global remote working map, we’ve launched an unprecedented action: “The office with the best climate in the world”.

The number of remote workers arriving in the region has experienced a 10% monthly increase in the last six months thanks to a powerful promotional strategy we’ve developed, which has caught the attention of numerous Spanish and international media. The Islands have gained visibility, leading the conversation and discussion on specialist channels.

The milestones achieved through our promotional work include Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria featuring simultaneously in the Top 10 of Nomad List, the leading global space for remote workers.

We’ve also attracted and capitalised on significant communities of remote workers, such as Wi-Fi Tribe, a top international coworking and co-living company whose members have become advocates for the Canary Islands to the global remote working community. 

The strong commitment of the private sector to remote workers has been a key factor, resulting in success stories of hotels and apartments achieving 100% occupancy during zero tourism solely thanks to remote workers, after reallocating part of the accommodation sector and creating coworking and co-living spaces.

The strong private sector commitment to remote workers has been a key factor.

Rejuvenating the destination and refreshing the brand

Attracting remote workers enriches the structure of the Canary Islands tourism model, providing an opportunity to rejuvenate the destination, refresh the brand, and capture highly qualified professionals. Remote workers stay longer and spend more at destination, with direct repercussions on the entire Canary Islands economy.

This year we launched an action plan to attract 30,000 professionals in 10 years to work on projects in the Islands lasting one to three months. However, given what we’ve achieved in just six months, we expect to reach this number in half the time, with people working on longer projects, of three to six months, and a consequent increase in spending at destination.

The Canary Islands are expected to reach 30,000 remote workers in five years instead of the initial forecast of 10 years.

Sources in the sector calculate that in recent months at least 8,000 travellers have chosen the region for remote working, coming from Germany, France, the United Kingdom and, increasingly more, the United States.

The best climate in the world wants remote worker

To increase awareness of the value of the Canary Islands brand and consolidate it, while continuing to leading the sector and ultimately put the region on the global remote working map, we’ve implemented the action “The office with the best climate in the world”.

The goal is to find the best remote worker so they can work on their project from the Islands. Remote workers will compete on social media to secure a place (which will be posted on LinkedIn in the form of a job offer) to work on their project from the Canary Islands, with their expenses for travel, coworking and co-living space and parallel activities paid for up to six months.

* This campaign is 85% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).