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Thu, 22/04/2021 - 15:00

Canary Islands celebrate Earth Day by showcasing the region’s stunning landscapes

For the sixth year in a row, we’re implementing a dayketing action to commemorate International Mother Earth Day, celebrated every year on 22 April. Our audiovisual piece is an invitation to reflect on what we’ve yet to learn about our planet, while showcasing the stunning landscapes and biodiversity of the Canary Islands. The constant news items about space exploration, especially of Mars, provide the contextual backdrop.

The marketing action leverages a date that target audiences are talking about to continue positioning the natural spaces of the Canary Islands and ensure they’re in the minds of potential travellers, reminding them of the stunning places they’ll find in the Islands.

The audiovisual piece starts by asking whether we know enough about the planet we live on, then answers it by showing spectacular landscapes in the Islands, alongside striking facts like we know only 20% of the Earth and we humans account for only 0.01% of life on land. Our planet is teeming with life, and in the Canary Islands our natural spaces have an otherworldly appearance.

Easy quiz as a novelty this year

As a novelty this year, Instagram stories will include an easy quiz so that users can test their knowledge about life on Earth, check the answers and find information about nature in the Canary Islands. The quiz is expected to create greater interest and boost user interaction.

The audiovisual piece about the Canary Islands is expected to reach 4.7 million users on social media.

Last year, our action for Earth Day reached 4.7 million users on social media, and this year’s figure is expected to be similar. The video will target key markets including Spain, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway and The Netherlands, and will reach 3.9 million impressions in just one day.

* This campaign is 85% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).