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Wed, 23/09/2020 - 12:25

The Canary Islands strengthen contact with tourists to ensure their desire to return

One of the permanent communication contents that the Canary Islands maintain with their tourists

Over the last few months, the Canary Islands brand has kept in permanent contact with their tourists through a communication strategy aimed at strengthening their emotional ties with the archipelago. This strategy consists of a generation of contents that are adapted to the ever-changing scenarios currently being experienced, with every week bringing new news and advances to reduce the impact of the crisis. The importance of continuing with a promotion strategy lies in the fact that, when the situation has been overcome, holidays will come back to the fore and the Canaries should be on tourists’ minds.

Ongoing and intensive communication

This communication is carried out continually and intensively on social media and the Canary Islands’ promotional website, which has received 1,800,000 visits since the outbreak of the pandemic. A FAQs area was set up on the website, featuring protocols and the latest news regarding travelling regulations to the archipelago, a section of great interest that so far has generated over 400,000 visits and where the AXA insurance policy for tourists appears, translated into 15 different languages.

The e-mail address made available to users has also provided a direct link through which interested parties have received personalised responses to their doubts and queries related to the pandemic.

Social media, the preferred channel

However, it is social media that continues to be the most efficient means of relating to tourists. Over the last few months, the Canary Islands’ profiles have established themselves as the preferred channel for resolving queries. These accounts are managed by a team of 11 native-speaking community managers who update each one in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Norweian, Swedish, Polish, Russian, Dutch and Chinese, and are active 365 days a year.

Therefore, over the summer more than 1,300 contents have been shared, generating over 64 million impacts. In addition, publications have gone 20% more viral compared to the same period last year, which shows the loyalty and commitment of followers of the Canary Islands.  

Maintaining the desire and enthusiasm of travelling

This strategic plan has resulted in the messages published having revolved around the brand’s interest in improving people’s well-being; being by the tourists’ side, now more than ever; generating trust and awakening the desire to travel in countries that continue to maintain air connectivity with the holiday destination. All this with the intention that, even though COVID-19 has caused many holidays to be cancelled and has generated many frustrated journeys and uncertainties, users should not be put off getting excited about coming to the Canaries.

In this regard, and at all times under the focus of context communication, the actions of browers, mainly Google y Bing have also been reformulated, activating new advertisements that combine the brand’s permanent values, such as the wonderful all-year-round climate, its close proximity and being a European destination, with other values in keeping with the philosophy of being a trustworthy destination, above all with regard to health and higiene, strictness and professionalism of protocols, the destination’s long track record and its experience of looking after tourists.  

On the other hand, the response on the part of thousands of followers at these difficult times has highlighted their high level of commitment to the brand, even actively requesting that “it must not stop sharing attractive photos”, given that in some ways these publications are “curative”.

* This campaign is 85% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).