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Thu, 23/04/2020 - 10:30

The Canary Islands participate in World Book Day with an original story personalised by children

The Canary Islands participate in World Book Day with an original personalised story for children

As part of World Book day held on 23rd April, and with the aim of maintaining contact with its users through content to help them deal with lockdown, the Canary Islands brand has designed this communication campaign aimed at the family market.

It comes in the form of an original personalised story in which young readers can identify with some of the seven different characters inspired by the islands’ natural surroundings, and they can then make up their own tailor-made story as they continue to read through the story. Through the pages of story, the child-protagonist faces different challenges as he travels around the archipelago in the company of magical characters who help him discover each of the islands’ unique qualities. Children therefore learn about each destination in a fun way, helping to make them the first members of the family to want to choose the Canary Islands as their next holiday destination.

Characters related to the destination’s attributes

The fantastic characters who appear in the story are already familiar to their readers, as they appear on the communication platform aimed at the family market via the website, in which each of them display characteristics related to the destination’s own attributes: the Fairy of the Clear Skies, the Wizard of the Ocean Waters, the Empress of the Trade Winds, the Goblin of the Enchanted Forest, the Guardian of the Volcanoes, the Queen of All Living Beings, and the Genie of the Magic Mountain, all in allusion to the islands’ natural elements including volcanoes, cetacean watching, stargazing under the cleanest skies in the hemisphere, laurel tree forests and sea beds.

Fully digital campaign

This digital campaign uses elements from different formats which are shared on selected platforms according to their affinity with different family interests. To this end, they include banners and native advertising, that is, articles and reports which will impact on specific blogs, family-oriented websites, games and activities…, together with their publication on social media in the Canary Islands. The campaign will be developed in Spain, the United Kingdom and Germany, will remain active until 30th April, and is expected to achieve nearly 10 million impacts in these markets.

* This campaign is 85% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).