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Fri, 27/03/2020 - 12:02

The Canary Islands brand steps up its online communication with content to help people deal with confinement

Some of the content posted on social media by the Canary Islands during the days of confinement due to the coronavirus crisis

The Canary Islands brand continues with its communication strategy in the current scenario of confinement decreed by the state of emergency due to the coronavirus outbreak. To complement messages that have been sent out over the last few weeks to help tourists understand the desease’s containment measures, Turismo de Islas Canarias is currently publishing new content designed to help users deal with the fact they are being confined to their homes.

As part of the destination’s promotion planning, Turismo de Islas Canarias is using context marketing, that is, identifying people’s informational needs at any given moment in order to transmit useful content. Therefore, with everyone currently being forced to stay at home, it has been considered a good time to send messages of reassurance and hope while attempting to keep everyone entertained and to deal with the boredom of quarantine.

The “caring” brand

To this end, the latest publications on the Canary Islands’ different social media profiles have been aimed at increasing one of the brand’s attributes, considered to be strategic and differenciating to the destination’s personality: the “caring” brand. One such example is the invitation to connect up to the Canary Islands’ natural surroundings from home through the music of “Canaryfulness, the sound of nature”, a series of musical creations made by Turismo de Islas Canarias inspired by sounds of nature. They are relaxing pieces that, together with natural settings, represent each of the islands and help people to concentrate, sleep, study, meditate or relax their minds.

Social media is also offering activities, such as cooking from home using Canary products. This is the case of the banana milkshake with palma syrup recipe, a basic food that helps maintain a balanced diet, something that experts insist on, even more so now in times of confinement. And with celebrations such as Father’s Day, the brand provides ideas to surprise Dad even though you may not be able to hug him. Challenges are also set to see if users can guess locations corresponding to photos of stunning landscapes, testing out their knowledge of the islands.