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Thu, 24/05/2018 - 12:58

An action to promote the Canary Islands, recognised as one of the best 100 ideas of the year

After-rain Ads, promotional action of the Canary Islands awarded by the Actualidad Económica magazine

Actualidad Económica, the educational magazine of the Spanish financial press, has selected the promotional campaign “After-rain Ads” as one of the best 100 business ideas in 2017. This is the second year in a row that the Canary Islands brand is given this award. Last year they were given the award for the “Canary’s fog taggers (Vaho)” campaign. In this edition, other campaigns were also selected, such as Burger King’s, Barceló Hotels’, CaixaBank’s and AXA’s, within the advertising category.
85 % co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, this initiative called “There are different ways of getting wet” consists of an audiovisual piece filmed in London on a rainy day. Based on the fact that when it rains, we tend to look down more than up at publicity banners, the idea consisted of making use of puddles on the street to show, using small figures, different situations that show how in the Canary Islands it’s possible to “get wet” in ways that are more pleasant than getting wet under the rain. Surfing, fishing, swimming in the sea or watching whales, are some of the options available on the islands, even in the winter. People who walked around that day, stopped to watch these “miniatures” in the puddles, and took photos and shared in social networks which in turn spread the word and managed to help the campaign go viral.
David Gilliver, a street art artist who uses miniatures and everyday objects to recreate interesting scenes, set up the small figures around the city of London. “After-rain Ads” was awarded at the The Travel Marketing Awards, with a platinum, which is the highest award they give. This new recognition given by Actualidad Económica adds up to the other nine previous awards that the Canary Islands marketing strategy has won so far.
María Méndez, Promotur Turismo de Canarias manager, was given this latest award last Tuesday 22nd May, during an event in Madrid where the ideas of several brands from sectors such as health, food, cars, technology, publicity, travel and leisure, training and finance, were also selected by the prestigious magazine.