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Wed, 23/05/2018 - 12:58

The Canary Islands are promoted alongside the latest Star Wars movie, filmed on location in Fuerteventura

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The European premiere of the latest film in the Star Wars saga, part of which was filmed on location in countryside around Fuerteventura, has provided the perfect opportunity for the Internet launch of an ambitious promotional campaign undertaken by Promotur Turismo de Canarias. The campaign is 85% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER in Spanish), and features a video entitled “The Best Climate in the Galaxy”, a particular version of the film “Han Solo: a history of Star Wars”.

This tourist campaign has huge potential, due to the fact that the Islas Canarias brand and its climate are closely linked to the Star Wars universe, allowing it to connect directly to a truly international audience, as well as to the thousands of followers the saga boasts all around the world. Besides this, it attracts a family audience, which is of special interest to the Canary Islands.

This latest promotional campaign by Turismo de Canarias features a video that blends real-life footage of the movie filmed in Fuerteventura together with other clips made specially for the occasion. As well as the video, a specific site has been created, namely, focusing on additional content on the island’s many other attractions, in particular the chance to go star-gazing thanks to its clean and clear skies.

 Viral content

The video short can be viewed on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and on other digital media, and it is hoped it will generate over half a million views by the end of the month.  The countries targeted for the campaign are Spain, Italy, France, Holland, Germany, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

This initiative has enabled the Canary Islands to be associated with a worldwide brand, through a co-branding campaign that allows for the efficient use of resources aimed at the promotion of the islands. The benefits of the movie are not just limited to the filming itself, as they also showcase the region’s excellent landscapes, which in turn are a tourist attraction in their own right.