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Seven reasons for a family summer on the Canary Islands

  • The archipelago offers a wide range of leisure and entertainment services for families in “the best climate in the world”
  • In addition to their stunning and distinctive beaches, the Canary Islands boasts top-quality facilities in their hotels and the best amusement parks in Europe
  • Relaxation and good weather are two of the factors that families with children want most from a safe laid-back destination with multiple recreational and educational options
  • On the Islands, children can ride waves, play with colourful sand, interact with zoo animals and enjoy a camel ride across an immense sea of dunes


Canary Islands, May 2016 – There are seven reasons that make the Canary Islands the favourite destination for an unforgettable family holiday. In addition to the archipelago’s attractive and singular beaches, the seven islands feature an extensive offering of leisure centres designed for endless family activities: zoos, aquariums and botanic gardens, and the best water, theme and amusement parks are just some of the quality seals that distinguish the Canary Islands for their focus on entertainment that is recreational and educational at the same time.

Plus, the surprising nature to be found on each of the Islands and their seas that brim with life complement the possibilities of a destination to enjoy  of a non-stop everyday adventure in the best climate in the world. Thanks to stable and mild temperatures, the sun usually shines any time of the year.

Seven islands mean seven reasons for your next family holiday:

  1.  The Great Adventure Together

The best family holidays on the Canary Islands start online. website is designed for parents to prepare their trip together with their children in an educational and entertaining fashion. Seven fun characters are ready for your kids to ask them about the Islands and to interact with them with Island-themed games.

  1. Walk on the coloured sand

Their volcanic origin means that most of the Canary Island beaches have different colour ranges in their sands which enhance the unique quality of both bathing and relaxing on a lounger. In fact, you can build sand castles that are as original and different as the 500 beaches: from interminable lengths of white sand and turquoise water to lovely undeveloped bays with dark lava streams that run into the ocean, or golden coves surrounded by wild nature. The most family-friendly beaches have full lifeguard services and equipment to enjoy them safely and with peace of mind, as well as exceptional natural seawater pools to have fun in a private, family setting. Flamingo Beach on Lanzarote, Fuerteventura’s El Cotillo, Amadores on Gran Canaria, Las Vistas on Tenerife, La Gomera’s Calera, the Charco Verde pool at La Palma and Tacorón Cove on El Hierro are just some of the family-oriented beaches to be found.

    3. Safety and European standards

In addition to an extensive infrastructure of hotels, apartments and tourist services, the Canary Islands offer the peace of mind of travelling to a territory that forms part of the European Union, which observes European standards and makes its highly developed health system available to visitors. The varied accommodation offering includes a complete catalogue of outdoor activities to enjoy in beautiful and unique natural settings: hiking, cycling and all sorts of adventure sports, including rock-climbing, paragliding, bungee jumping and loads more. Barely a 4-hour flight separates the average European capital from this land of happy, friendly and hospitable people, a place where mankind and nature go hand in hand.

  1. Fun at the best water and amusement parks

With premium-quality facilities, the Islands’ amusement parks are among the best in Europe. They offer fun and thrills for kids and adults alike, with entertaining and full-on water rides such as long and fast slides and wave pools, together with extensive relaxation areas to sunbathe in at leisure. All the parks boast modern and safe rides and are carefully supervised by a large and professional team of lifeguards. The amusement parks also feature water rides and stand out for their decoration and theming in which young children become the stars of the stage. They include Siam Park on Tenerife, known internationally as the best theme park in the world. Aquapark Costa Teguise on Lanzarote, Acua Water Park on Fuerteventura and Sioux City and Holiday World on Gran Canaria are the most popular.

  1. Parks brimming with land and sea animals

The amazing orca and dolphin shows at the Canary Island water parks are especially popular with young children, who are also fascinated by the beautiful collections of butterflies and families of monkeys, crocodiles and elephants, some of the most photographed animals among the hundreds of vertebrates and invertebrates that coexist in the archipelago’s zoos, integrated in natural environments and looked after with great dedication and care. In fact, the Canary Islands is home to the largest display of parrots in the world. Tenerife’s Loro Parque, La Palma’s Maroparque, Aquarium Lanzarote and Oasis Park Fuerteventura are the most popular, without forgetting the César Manrique Cactus Garden on Lanzarote.

    6. Playing with the stars

You can feel closer to the universe than ever on the Islands. Thanks to their protected skies, the Canary Islands are “a star destination”, one of the best places in the world for star-gazing in any season, because of their privileged geographic location and the clarity of their skies which are bright and cloudless most of the year. These conditions have aided the development of a law for their protection, known as the “Starlight Reserve” which has consolidated the island group as one of the best places in the world to observe the universe. That is why the Islands have the most important set of astrophysics observatories in the northern hemisphere, equipped with astronomical facilities of worldwide importance (standing 2,400 metres above sea level), making them a unique astrotourism destination where visitors can prepare night excursions with professional guides to enjoy an extraordinary galactic experience. Plus, the Gregor Telescope of Tenerife, the largest in Europe, and the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory on La Palma are open to the public and organise tours to promote knowledge about their work to everyone.

    7. Seas filled with life

In addition to riding a camel across a sea of dunes, the ocean that bathes the Canary Islands is home to “another world” teeming with life. The wealth of the Canarian sea floor and the excellent temperature of the water naturally draw a huge variety of sea fauna, with up to 26 different species. To see it for themselves, adventurous families don a wetsuit to dive the waters and explore the sea floors of any of the marine reserves. Another great way for families to check out the marine life is to snorkel along the coasts, although to see the dolphins, orcas, pilot whales and giant blue whales that live freely in the ocean it is best to take a boat and scan the horizon in search of these magnificent creatures. Vessels depart from the southern coasts of Tenerife and Gran Canaria, as well as from Costa Tazacorte on La Palma and Costa de Valle Gran Rey on La Gomera, the best places to spot sperm whales and sea turtles.


About the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands is the place with The best climate in the world for enjoying exceptional holidays any time of the year. Seven different and unique islands, perfect for disconnecting from your daily routine, recharging your batteries and returning home feeling physically and mentally refreshed. The beaches, volcanic landscapes, lively and hospitable lifestyle and the possibility of choosing from all sorts of outdoor activities, as well as a wide range of quality accommodation and leisure activities, mean that the majority of visitors repeat the experience more than once.

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