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Tue, 18/06/2019 - 08:40

Seven melodies for helping the practice of mindfulness, the latest promotional campaign by the Canary Islands on Spotify and YouTube

Canaryfulness, the new promotional campaign by the Canary Islands to promote the practice of mindfulness

The Canary Islands brand has launched “Canaryfulness, the sound of nature, a new campaign which encourages relaxation through a series of its own musical creations which help attain peace and quiet. These melodies can be heard on a playlist on Spotify, and it is the first time the Canary Islands has had a channel to promote the islands’ holiday destinations. The compositions can also be enjoyed on YouTube, where music is accompanied by relaxing natural scenery, with beaches, woodland, volcanoes and cliffs, representing each of the different islands.

The campaign features seven pieces inspired by the islands, each of them lasting 45 minutes, plus an eighth musical set lasting three and a half hours, which invites people to get away and disconnect in perfect harmony.

Original sound track

The sound track has been expressly created for the occasion by Lanzarote-born composer Samuel Aguilar, who has built up his musical skills both on the islands and in the United States and London. The winner of the Réplica 2018 Award for “Best Sound Space”, Aguilar is also the auther of Music for Jameos del Agua, as well as musical pieces from different dancing and theatre shows.

As part of the campaign, 45 instagramers will upload instastories to their profiles and will become promotors for the islands’ destinations by recommending Canaryfulness.

For the first time on Spotify and in intelligent loudspeakers

This is the first time the Canary Islands has featured its own playlist on Spotify, and as part of its innovative strategy of exploring new platforms for its promotion, this soundtrack will be included in Amazon intelligent loudspeakers (Alexa) and in Google Assistant, meaning that when anyone wishes to relax they can activate these compositions by simply making a verbal instruction to their virtual assistant.

Given that one of the strategic and differenciating attributes of brand’s personality is the aspect of “caring”, together with the emotional value related to leaving the stress and tiredness from the modern pace of life behind, these musical pieces invite people to travel to the islands, while associating them with the opportunity of recuperating physical and emotional wellbeing.  

The trend of mindfulness

Mindfulness, which is currently a worldwide trend, is carried out by millions of people who are looking to listen to natural sounds and essential melodies to help concentration, sleep, studying, work and relaxing the mind. Hence Promotur Turismo de Canarias has entered this emerging market by generating specific content, which as well as being useful, puts the Canary Islands brand into a strong position. It is thus sharing material with more than a million of followers it has on social media so they can enjoy it at any place and any time.

For this group of travelers, who belong to the category of “tourism of natural spaces”, the Canary Islands have their own platform entitled “The energy that awaits you” which offers content to fit in with their motivations, the main one being to spend their holidays in places of high ecological value and to see natural local attractions.  

This kind of visitor is looking to be revitalized through physical exercise, similar to the concept of yoga, taking care of your body and the development of the mind through relaxation, contemplation and a break from stress.

* This campaign is 85% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).