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Wed, 03/07/2019 - 08:42

“Experience more, every day”, the new Canary Islands’ new communication platform for promoting cultural tourism

“Experience more, every day”, new communication platform for the Canary Islands to promote cultural tourism

The islands’ cultural offer is the subject of the latest initiative by Promotur Turismo de Canarias through a specific new tourist cultural communication programme which signals another step on the road to the differentiation strategy outlined by the Canary Island tourist brand to attract new tourists. The aim of this project is to further boost the integration of cultural offers in the archipelago’s tourist resources inventary.

The new platform, which is based on the communication concept of “Experience more, every day”, features new content, outside campaigns and a specific online cultural events calendar, and is there to expand the presence of cultural resources in the promotion of tourism in the Canaries, which has always paid close attention to culture as an important tourist tool, especially through digital means such as the website which includes a wide range of offers in 15 different languages, as well as offering support to numerous cultural events with tourist repercussions.

Advancing in the visibility of cultural content

According to figures taken from the reputation study in the Research Department at Promotur regarding cultural heritage in the Canary Islands, there is still a way to go in order to achieve visibility and exposure to cultural content on digital media, which is the bedrock for tourist promotion. This has been the reason precisely which has led to the starting up of this new communication platform, specifically dedicated to cultural tourism.  

To this end, it is worth highlighting that culture is a transversal aspect that can help set a holiday destination apart from the competition. The low levels of exposure of specialist online portals and other digital media which feature the islands’ cultural offers -music, theatre, painting, sculptures, concerts…-, have led to the greater presence of all Canary cultural resources. For this reason investment has gone into this latest platform which aims to find new travellers who, although it may not be their main motivation, are interested in the cultural offer at the destinations they choose to go on their holidays.

During 2018, 7.1 % of the 15.6 million tourists who visited the island stated that culture was a very important aspect when choosing where to go on holiday, which represents nearly a million tourists. The experience ratings of these tourists in the Canaries is greater than the rest, and they are also more likely to recommend the islands to their friends.  

Online cultural agenda

One of the most powerful elements used to inform tourists of cultural events held in the Canaries on a daily basis will be the online cultural agenda,, a new tool available in Spanish and English, aimed at visitors interested in cultural events they can attend during their stay on the island. The agenda has a responsive design which can be used by mobile phones, with practical functions including for example adding events to the user’s personal agenda, as well as an advanced search mode which filters events by island, date, category and recommended age… The information feed on this agenda comes from over 50 different sources and is constantly updated.

“Experience more, every day” also features a generic audiovisual piece, accompanied by specific videos of concerts, exhibitions, shows and cultural plans, which will be displayed on sreens at the arrival halls of the islands’ airports. There is also locally-made content for outside publicity platforms, digital advertising and social media, using a segmented promotional strategy which splits content into common tastes and interests.

The new platform is 85% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).