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Tue, 12/06/2018 - 15:00

The rich marine life in the Canaries reaches over 2.5 million Europeans via the Internet

Video capture made to coincide with World Ocean Day, the Canary Islands

Over two and a half million Europeans have watched an Internet video which Promotur Turismo de Canarias shared with its followers on Facebook, coinciding with World Ocean Day on Friday, 8th June. This important figure was reached thanks to the organization’s viral strength on this social media site, which is five times more powerful than the average of other channels used by the Canary Islands brand, having been shared more than 7,000 times.

The star market was Spain, which achieved over 10,000 positive reactions, 4,000 video shares and over 400 comments. The video short also reached users in France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Holland and Poland, with subtitles in nine different languages. It was launched on a mobile format as over 80% of users on social media in the Canary Islands access their content on mobile devices.

The objective of this communication campaign, which was 85 % financed by the European Regional Development Fund, was to make the most of this such important date on the world calendar, and to remind audiences of the beauty and natural resources of the oceans. 

A tribute to the sound of the Atlantic

The video featured different sounds made by a range of species that inhabit the waters, and included an invitation to activate the audio on the mobile phone and listen to the song of whales, “conversations” between dolphins, the sound of bubbles made by dozens of fish rushing around. For a short period of 30 seconds, it submerges spectators into the rich marine world of the Atlantic that laps up to the coasts of the seven Canary Islands.

This latest promotional initiative highlights the natural resources of the islands as a top tourist attraction, and represents one of the Canary Islands brand’s main lines of work.  The natural richness and excellent conditions on offer around the archipielago for indulging in all kinds of sports pursuits is one of the key elements of the tourist promotion of the islands. This is especially true of campaigns aimed specifically at nature lovers, as well as hiking, surfing, scuba-diving and sailing enthusiasts, who find in the Canaries an ideal stage for enjoying their favourite activities, available every day of the year.  

In the specific case of sea-based activities, Turismo de Canarias develops several communication platforms, aimed especially at attracting these kinds of tourists, under inspirational banners such as “High definition immersion”, “The Canary way of surfing” and “The sea of the tradewinds”. For all of these there is a differentiated presence on the Internet together with top quality graphic, audiovisual and written content.