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Wed, 20/04/2022 - 10:25

New landscape created by La Palma eruption features prominently in Canary Islands action to celebrate Earth Day

For the fifth consecutive year we’re celebrating Earth Day with a carefully crafted audiovisual production showing the beautiful, unique landscapes of the eight Canary Islands, including stunning footage of the new area created by the La Palma Cumbre Vieja eruption. Through this video we aim to impact 5.2 million people, targeting internet users who are particularly interested in environmental issues and nature tourism.

Earth Day, held on 22 April, has become the perfect excuse for showcasing the natural spaces of the Canary Islands, which have been recently enhanced with the newly created volcanic environment in La Palma. The new landscape is destined to become a major tourist attraction and will help to boost the economic recovery of the Beautiful Island.

The celebration of this event reinforces the role of the Canary Islands brand in championing the region and its unique landscapes - the outstanding natural attractions of our destination. Through the Earth Day action, we aim to ensure this idea takes root in the minds of our tourists and potential visitors.

By celebrating Earth Day in recent years, the Canary Islands brand aims to ensure tourists are aware of the commitment to champion the region and its unique landscapes.

To communicate this message more successfully, we segmented the target audience so that the content would reach internet users who are interested in environmental issues, nature tourism and learning about the scenery of the destinations they visit. We also expect the video to go viral on social media as users respond to the emotive message conveyed by the natural settings and the flora and fauna of the eight islands.

This year’s video was also produced in vertical format, to be shared on Instagram Reels and replicated on Facebook.

In a new move, this year’s video was also produced in vertical format so it can be shared on Instagram Reels and replicated on Facebook. To boost visibility in the lead-up to the special day, the piece will be active on Canary Islands social media for a whole week.

The video will be promoted in ten markets: England, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Ireland and Norway.