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Thu, 29/10/2020 - 13:40

The latest Canary Islands’ campaign aims to stimulate the reopening of the European market

Coinciding with the relaxation of restrictions on travel to the archipelago by leading source countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany, the Canary Islands brand has activated an international campaign focusing on welcoming visitors to this European haven, a natural paradise for relaxing, and where everything is in place, sending out a message that the islands are back in business while minimising health risks.

Under the claim of “The Warmest Welcome Ever”, the campaign takes as its creative axis the idea of people reuniting which, playing on the two meanings of the word ‘warm’, enables it to emphasise the destination’s values of both hospitality and fine climate.

Here, messages focus on the advantages of the Canary Islands that set them apart at this moment in time. These include the health and legal guarantees associated with the application of European regulations, as well as offering the health and accommodation infrastructures that are essential for an established holiday destination, ready to respond to any kind of setback. In addition, the fact the islands constitute a refuge against the cold temperatures experienced during the tough winter months in Europe makes them the only place to come to for a break and to enjoy the fine climate, in a safe environment, over the coming months.

Dynamic activation strategy

The main part of the campaign comes in the form of a video that, since last weekend, has been impacting on segmented target groups according to their motivation, whose main interest is travelling over for sun and beach, and to their geolocalisation, that is, those who live in cities with direct airline connections with the Canary Islands.

With a 100% digital focus, the campaign is based on a dynamic activation strategy, with markets to be added and investment to be adjusted in accordance with current circumstances at any given moment, and closely associated to the evolution of the pandemic.

In its first phase, the campaign has been launched in Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, France and Austria, while it is expected to be rolled out to other markets such as Norway, Finland, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland, all of which are important source countries for the winter season in the Canary Islands.

* This campaign is 85% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).