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Mon, 06/07/2020 - 08:39

The Canary Islands website says HOLA again to tourists, and offers them practical information regarding the new travel situation

The Canary Islands activate a FAQs section on its website in order to answer tourists’ queries

In addition to welcoming back tourists through the concept of “Canary Islands are ready to say HOLA again”, the brand’s promotional website now has a specific section dedicated to resolving tourists’ most frequent questions as they consider coming to the islands for their holidays following the reopening of borders.

The selection of these FAQs has been made in accordance with the active listening survey carried out by Turismo de Islas Canarias over the last few weeks through different tourism communication channels, from social media, e-mail and to telephone calls.

After carrying out a study on the most common questions, a section has been set up which can be assessed intuitively from the home page of the promotional website,  in which users can find answers to FAQs such as: who can fly to the archipelago, if there is any traveller quarantine, which airlines are flying this summer, what safety measures will travellers find at the airport and during the flight, whether they can come here on a cruise ship, whether they can travel freely between islands, safety measures, individual protective measures to prevent infection, or what to do if they feel any symptoms. 

Practical information to raise confidence levels

To manage the many queries that have arisen from this new travel situation, where tourists are considering coming to the Canaries for their holidays, the promotional website has compiled a series of answers to FAQs with the aim of raising the necessary confidence levels to enable the resumption of tourist activity with different markets. In this regard, practical information is offered, such as the social distancing rules, the maximum capacity permitted on beaches, how visitors can play on the golf courses, the regulations established for collective activities in the open air, such as hiking or diving…

This information will be updated as changes to these rules are introduced and affect travellers, and will be published in the 15 different languages the Canary Island website is translated into. For now, this section appears in Spanish, English and German, while other languages will be progressively added, namely Czech, Danish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, French, Hungarian, Finnish, Dutch, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish.