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Wed, 17/02/2021 - 12:09

Canary Islands ranked in top 10 European destinations

Canary Islands ranked in European Best Destinations top 10

European Best Destinations compiles its ranking by surveying more than 600,000 travellers from 192 countries. Answering the question “Where would you like to go on holiday as soon as it is safe to travel?”, respondents put the Canary Islands in tenth place, ahead of destinations like Tahiti, Capri and Vienna.

The Canary Islands have been placed in the top 10 of the ranking compiled by European Best Destinations, a travel website that promotes culture and tourism in Europe in partnership with more than 300 tourism offices and the European Commission’s EDEN Network (Destinations of Excellence).

In the survey, answered by more than 600,000 travellers from 192 countries around the world in 2020, the Canary Islands took tenth place, with 26,432 votes. The other destinations on the list, in order, are Braga, Rome, Cavtat, Florence, Sibiu, Paris, Kefalonia, Kotor, Socas Valley, Tubingen, Dordogne Valley, Tahiti, Capri, Ghent, Cappadocia, Calpe, Vienna, Cornwall and Lofoten Islands.

600,000 travellers from 192 countries have ranked the Canary Islands number 10 of Europe’s top destinations.

Appearing on the list gives the Islands greater visibility among travellers around the world through the website. The results are also published in leading media publications, including Condé Nast Traveler, Vogue, Forbes, Daily Mail, Figaro Live, Euronews and Independent, reaching an audience of more than six million.

The 12th edition of the list recorded higher participation among respondents from non-European countries (39%, compared to 61% from Europe), indicating a rising interest in travel to Europe.

Fun fact: the Canary Islands are the favourite European destination among Brazilians.

The rankings compiled by European Best Destinations have become the most important ratings in the tourism sector. Their other lists include best beaches in Europe, best Christmas markets, best romantic destinations and best ski resorts.