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Wed, 24/02/2021 - 20:10

Canary Islands are “the office with the best climate in the world”

Launch of the strategy aimed at attracting global remote workers to the Canary Islands

Attract remote workers from all over the world: that’s the goal of an action plan we’re implementing to get 30,000 professionals to choose the Canary Islands as their remote working base. The plan also aims to create a remote working culture in the Canary Islands tourism sector and ensure international companies set their sights on the Islands as a remote working location for their employees.

The specific global strategy and action plan for this year to attract remote workers from all over the world to the Canary Islands are now under way. “The office with the best climate in the world” is the communication concept we’ll be using to position the region as the favourite destination for this sector, aiming to attract 30,000 remote workers in five years.

The strategy will focus on three main lines of action:

  • Creating a remote working culture in the Canary Islands tourism sector.
  • Encouraging international companies to choose the Islands as a remote working location for their employees, showcasing the region as an ideal destination for temporary relocation.
  • Attracting remote workers by promoting brand values that are relevant to them.

The Canary Islands should also take advantage of this trend to become a leader in an increasingly popular tourism sector: remote working.

With a growth rate that has leapt from 30 to 65%, this tourism sector will help to broaden the structure of the Canary Islands tourism model, rejuvenate the destination and refresh the brand. It will also be an opportunity to attract highly qualified professionals, bearing in mind that remote workers stay longer and have higher spending at destination, with the consequent flow-on effect for the whole Canary Islands economy.

Actions for 2021

Initiatives for this year include an action we’ll implement as a job offer, in which remote workers who want to take part can compete for the prize of working from the Canary Islands all expenses paid for up to six months. The campaign will run on dedicated remote working websites, digital native media and social media to build awareness among the global remote working community.

Actions targeting the remote working sector include securing an agreement with a multinational tech company.

Another objective is to secure an agreement with a leading multinational tech company so it will choose the Canary Islands as a location for encouraging remote working among its employees. This will run alongside a campaign among Canary Islands businesses to foster a remote working culture in the tourism sector, based on publishing a guide and providing training for management.

Promotional actions will target remote working communities in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands, and will include prospecting in the United States.