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Wed, 18/11/2020 - 14:20

The leading group of remote workers take part in a campaign to attract this segment to the Canary Islands

A group from the WiFi Tribe community choose the Canary Islands for teleworking

A group of 21 members of WiFi Tribe, the world’s leading co-working and co-living company, are the protagonists of one of the first campaigns in a specific plan that we are developing in order to attract a tourist segment known as remote workers to the islands. Taking full advantage of their stay on Gran Canaria, we spent two days with this group of remote workers, who had chosen the Canaries as a place for teleworking for a period of time while also holidaying here.  

The members of WiFi Tribe have become ambassadors of the Canary Islands for the worldwide remote worker community.

The aim of this campaign was to obtain images and testimonies of their day to day lives as ambassadors of the experience of teleworking on the archipelago for the worldwide remote worker community. These resources will serve as a platform for designing multipurpose audio-visual content aimed at promoting the islands’ attractions and for positioning the Canaries as one of the top international destinations for this tourist segment.  

This campaign aims to position the Canaries as a preferred destination for the international remote worker community.

This segment had already been considered to be included in the Canary Islands brand’s communication strategy prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, but now, following the accelerated implantation of teleworking due to the health crisis, it now presents itself as a clear and interesting opportunity.

Two intense days

On 6th November we accompanied Wifi Tribe recording interviews and images, and these resources were sent that very day to the Spanish media. Some of these broadcast this news on their news bulletins. On Saturday 7th we spent a day out in the company of the group, recording images of landscapes around Gran Canaria.

Miembros de WiFi Tribe haciendo deporte en la playa de Las Canteras (Gran Canaria), Islas CanariasProfile: what kind of people make up Wifi Tribe?

- 20 to 45 year-olds.

- Software developers, graphic designers, marketing digital professionals, copy writers.

- A wide range of nationalities: USA, UK, Germany, France, several different countries in Latin America...

There are several different reasons why this community of remote workers, whose members have to pass a series of tests before being admitted, chose the Canary Islands for teleworking until the 30th November, although some of them have decided to extend their stay. The climate is, without doubt, one of the main reasons, but so is the good air connectivity, an optimum Internet connection, the availability of co-working spaces for creating contact networks, safety, lifestyle, cultural and leisure facilities, and the open and hospitable character of the Canary people. Added to this is the archipelago’s current low COVID-19 infection rate.    


* This campaign is 85% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).