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Wed, 27/03/2019 - 12:30

An innovative interactive action promoting walks and nature in the Canary Islands

Alice in 7 Wonderlands, the new interactive action promoting walks and nature in the Canary Islands

Alice in 7 Wonderlands” is the new action set up by Promotur Turismo de Canarias to promote walks and nature in the Canary Islands around the main European markets in the next few months. This action, makes reference to “Alice in Wonderland” and uses the story as a resource to talk about the wonders the Canary Islands have to offer. Its most significant feature is that it is interactive and users can choose among the different audiovisual pieces where Alice, a highly experienced hiker, shows the paths where she goes on, around the main landscapes of the Canary Islands.

Through this initiative, potential tourists will get to see the variety of routes available on the Islands and they will be encouraged to choose the Canary Islands as their next holiday destination. This story that talks about Canarian natural spaces, has used content marketing to draw attention and interest by coming up with a story that takes place throughout all the seven islands.

Interactivity as a strategy

The aim is to use the Internet as an interactive tool that helps users become active parties drawing their attention within a media that is full of messages and where it is essential to constantly innovate. In order to do so, in the different parts, Alice encourages users to choose among the different options so they get “hooked” and end up watching the full video.

Another new feature is that for the very first time, the specific content for each piece was designed and made during the preproduction phase, including the script, adapted to each of the corresponding formats. This has had an impact on the difficulty when it comes to filming, since different material was shot adapted to the different formats for each channel/media and to the interaction levels available, for users to be able to follow Alice right through to the end and create their own virtual route around the most spectacular routes of the Canary Islands.

Alice, a real character inspired by fiction

The choice of Alice as a character and this particular way to tell a story, has been a thorough process. The idea was to pass on the content in a way that it came across credibly, almost as a documentary, nearly in a trendy journalism content style, with significant and credible content using a format the target audience is used to and that they find engaging. Hence the character being a real character (Alice Ford is her actual name), a good communicator, a nature lover, a true hiker and expert traveller, who talks about her adventures on her Instagram profile. However, choosing her as presenter of this interactive experience wasn’t down to the fact that she’s an influencer, but rather because she’s a real person who makes the story more approachable.

What Alice talks about is her passion for hiking and she encourages tourists to want to visit the Islands drawing them to her own dynamic and authentic story.

The strategy is genuine and interactive and aims to create a bond with users and make them feel part of the experience, offering them the chance to interact with the content and the freedom to choose a specific route without having to leave the video. Tourists who love hiking will be able to go with Alice and experience the routes of their choice first hand.

Inspired by the popular Lewis Carroll novel

The fact that this initiative is based on “Alice in Wonderland” is obvious throughout the different parts of the video. There are numerous references made to the popular novel by British writer Lewis Carroll, with visual games, change of perspectives and elements from the book showing up on the screen and adding a “magic” touch to the paths within the story. So much so, that each route has a name that besides making reference to the place at hand, it also reminds us of the story, like for instance “The Shadow of the Great Volcano” (the shadow of Teide, in Tenerife); “The Magic Window” (the view from Roque Nublo, in Gran Canaria); “Walking on Mars” (the volcanic landscape and lava fields in Lanzarote); “The Sea of Clouds” (characteristic of La Palma); “The Enchanted Forest” (the laurel forest in El Cedro, La Gomera); “Waves of Secrets” (on the beaches of Fuerteventura); and “Wind Trees” (the beauty of the savin trees in El Hierro).

This action is 85% co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, and it will take place in 14 European countries, main target markets with tourists interested in the landscapes of the Canary Islands. The action is part of the communication concept “Real hikes that feel like fantasy”, this initiative aims to keep on constantly innovating when it comes to digital advertising, and making the most of the possibilities offered by the Internet and the new formats available. The digital media allows us to experiment and create material that helps us stand out from others.