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Wed, 14/03/2018 - 09:53

The Canary Island brand wins the Platinum Award at The Travel Marketing Awards

The Canary Island brand wins the Platinum Award at The Travel Marketing Awards
  • In the event’s ten year history, only five platinums had previously been awarded.

The powerful strategies developed by the Promotur Turismo de Canarias brand have once again received their just reward, this time at the prize-giving ceremony of The Travel Marketing Awards (TTMA) held on Monday, 12th March in London. In this star-studded event, the Canary Islands came away with no less than four awards: one Platinum, two Silvers and one Bronze.

The TTMA are considered to be the most prestigious within the field of tourist marketing, and recognise the brand’s most original, creative, innovative campaigns, offering the highest returns. In this the tenth annual event, Turismo de Canarias has come away with the highest award, Platinum, something to have occurred only five times previously over the last decade.

The awards included the top prize, Platinum, for its After-Rain Ads campaign, in the “Best advertising abroad” category; two Silver awards for the segmentation strategy developed by the Canary Islands brand in the categories of “Most Innovative Marketing” and “Best digital marketing campaign of the year”; plus a bronze for its “The Other Map” platform in the “Best use of content marketing” category. The awards were picked up by managing director of Promotur Turismo de Canarias, María Méndez, together with representatives from DEC BBDO, the agency hired to carry out the strategy.

Recognition from the tourism industry

Once again, the hard work put in by the team of professionals at Promotur has been given recognition by the global tourism industry in its prestigious annual prize-giving ceremony. On this occasion, not only has the quality of the pieces, contents and campaigns been given top ratings, but also the strength and innovation that went into the strategies it has designed and put together over the last few years. All these marketing efforts have also given added value, contributing to the attainment of record tourist figures in the Canaries last year.

The awards received in London are the result of a lot of hard work, featuring campaigns that respond to a strategic plan in which digital means and motivational micro-segmentation campaigns have enabled the brand to defeat all its competitors. Instead of one single campaign, 2017 saw the brand develop 250 different campaigns while sharing communication content in 15 languages, targeted at 19 different countries. By using the data of different target groups, the brand has been able to properly identify the tastes of tourists visiting the islands, while even identifying those of people who have never been here before, adapting the communication method of the various different products to different motivational criteria. Online means have allowed it to improve the connections between the islands’ seven holiday destinations and their audiences, who have demanded ever more innovation and creativity, enabling it to reach out to them, and stand out over competing markets.

This year’s event saw strong competing markets from the tourism industry also snapping up awards, namely, TUI UK, Virgin Atlantic, Heathrow Airport, Las Vegas CVB, Visit Flanders, Turismo de Andalucía, Princess Cruises and Jordan Tourist Board.

The winning campaigns have been 85% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.