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Fri, 16/02/2018 - 09:53

#NotWinter Games, the hottest promotional campaign for the Canary Islands during the Winter Olympic Games

#NotWinter Games, the hottest promotional campaign for the Canary Islands during the Winter Olympic Games

Developed around the concept of #NotWinter Games, and with the aim of promoting the Canary Islands’ most highly valued attribute, namely its excellent climate, Promotur Turismo de Canarias has started up a new campaign to coincide with the Winter Olympic Games being held in Korea around this time. This great sporting occasion has a massive following among central and northern European countries, where there are huge numbers of winter sports fans, and so serves as the perfect excuse for this latest promotional campaign, aimed at the islands’ main winter target markets.

The campaign is based around the images of the stunning locations on our islands to be enjoyed during winter time. Pleasures such as sunbathing on the beach, flying kites, diving on a trampoline, playing with buckets and spades, swimming, sailing, playing around on the sand… precisely at a time when elsewhere the media are broadcasting information on the frosty, icy and snowy competitions of the winter sport. The Internet, especially Facebook and Instagram, and giant screens selected for their high visibility at key locations such as London, Berlin and Oslo, are the chosen means that reach their iconic peak at the heart of Picadilly Circus. Alongside this, the campaign’s videos are to be emailed to more than a million tourists on the Turismo de Canarias’ database. 

#NotWinter Games features videos recorded on different beaches around the Canaries in which humorous “sports” reporters jokingly explain what the “not winter games” entail, including toweling freestyle, splashing yeah and dunning roll. The campaign also includes promotions on social media with the purpose of carrying its message even further. The campaign runs from 12th to 25th of February in mainland Spain, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Finland, Sweden and Norway, and is 85% joint-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).

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The objective of the #NotWinter Games campaign is to show the islands in a different light, to draw attention and generate conversation on social media about the personality of the tourist brand, via its content and its tactical, original and attractive promotions that will capture people’s attention in a different way to standard advertising. It is all about designing a new storyline, and generating complicity with its audience, through messages that respond to their context and everyday lives, while linking them to the attributes that make the Canary Islands a top holiday winter destination.